Alberto Balsam Relax Shampoo 250 ml

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Alberto Balsam Relax Hair Shampoo 250 ML Alberto Balsam 24 hour Fragrance Relax Shampoo 250ml is a radiant blend of Lavender & White Lily scents to help you feel revived & relaxed, starting with your hair. This gentle shampoo, best for normal to dry hair, helps to hydrate and moisturise your hair, leaving it with a silky touch and natural shine. How to Use: Apply on wet hair, lather then rinse thoroughly. For best results use with 24hr Fragrance Relax Conditioner. Avoid contact with eyes, in case of contact rinse them with water. Have you discovered our full range of Alberto Balsam 24 hour Fragrance Shampoo and Conditioners? Whether you want to feel Restored, Relaxed or Energised, we have the perfect scent for you! Alberto Balsam hair care has been providing excellent affordable family everyday shampoo & conditioner to UK families for generations. Over the years, we’ve learnt to celebrate all the small things that make life beautiful. That’s why we use delicious natural ingredients, like raspberry, coconut, blueberry and apple in our products to give you little moments of joy with their lovely fragrances. Hair smells as good as it feels! Our extensive range of fresh ‘n’ fruity fragrances means that everyone in the family will be able to find their perfect Alberto Balsam shampoo scent, for a fantastically fragrant in-wash experience and delicious smelling hair. The perfect family hair care brand!.

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